Media (Video & Audio)

Quality audio through in-wall or in-ceiling speakers

The multi room audio system also enables you to enjoy good sound from your TVs -the integrated Multi Room Audio system ensures all sound comes through the in-ceiling speakers including when you are using the TV’s built in  tuner or smart TV features. We recommend the use of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers with each of your main TVs, as the speakers in the modern thin TV generally provide poor sound quality as there is no room for speakers.

Multi-room video gives you the flexibility to access all the sources that are stored in the central media cupboard on any of your main TVs throughout the home. Listen to different sources at the same time at different volume levels throughout your home. Or set all zones to the same source and/or volume to enjoy your music all around your home.

TVs are mounted cleanly on the wall and are able to access your central media equipment such as MySky, Camera NVR, Apple TV, DVD or Blu-ray player. Pause in one room, continue in the next. When you are all watching the same thing it can be displayed on the Media Room TV, Family room TV and Kitchen screen.

In the main media room  surround sound involves 3 in wall or in-ceiling speakers near the TV or screen and 2 or 4 speakers for the rear or “surround sound” effects, usually in-ceiling. You will also require a subwoofer.

Your surround sound amplifier and your source equipment such as MySky, Apple TV. Blu-ray  and Chromecast all reside in the centralised equipment rack, so the only equipment in the room is the speakers and the TV or Projector and screen.

Control everything from your smartphone and tablet. You may want a dedicated universal remote in conjunction with the SmartLife App for your iPad or Android.

Security and Page announcements. The OneTouch Hub can announce fire alarm and security deterrence messages through the multi room audio system.

Multi-room video

Multi-room video gives the flexibility to access any video source on any television throughout the home. Continue to watch in the Kitchen, enjoy sport on multiple TVs and access shared devices such as Cameras, MySky, Vodafone TV, Apple TV from any TV.

Home Theatre

Smartlife designed Home Theatre and Entertainment systems come in all sizes with many different functionalities to suit your needs; Whether you seek a standard surround sound system for the average home, or a custom designed system, we can provide a home entertainment system so you can sit back and relax, giving you ease of operation, convenience and performance that will leave even the unenthusiastic wondering why they don’t have one.

Centralised Media

A centralised media cupboard simply put is a place in the home for all the media, amplifiers and other playback devices to be stored. The content from this cupboard is then taken to the televisions of choice. This enables for the minimalistic design concept, allowing for the television to be wall mounted with no unpleasant cables visible, decreasing clutter and projecting focus towards the stylish design aesthetics for your home.